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Enjoy giving the gift of quality vintage items to someone you care about. Our Personalized WWH Antiques Logo gift cards are charged and covered by Square. Rest assured that your loved one will receive the ability to come into our store and shop over 50+ vendors to find their own perfect item.

Shop Local

We believe shopping local means more than shopping at the local big box retail store. We have 50+ entrepreneurs that appreciate you supporting their dreams and anspirations. Buying from a big box retailer instead of a local option siphon dollars out of the local economy. It will send the profits back to a corporate headquarters often located far away. Meanwhile, every time you make a purchase at our locally owned store, it sends economic benefits throughout the community.

The Gathering

A place where COMMUNITY is nurtured. Perfection Is Achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


A great way of connecting with customers in the physical world and showing off your on-line products at brick and mortar shop.

Classes & Special Events

Whether you're wanting to learn a new hobby or have some fun, join one of our various classes offered through the year from cross stich, painting, yoga, cigar rolling and more!